I teach a couple of teenage boys on Fridays, they are great fun and up for anything.  Their last three pieces of homework have been: make the spaghetti bolognese recipe in the textbook (they took a photo of it as proof), go to Burger King to try out the black burgers, do a magic trick and explaining it in English and lastly, do some orgami.  The dragon one took 3 hours!  I’m trying to think what they could do next … perhaps find a dialogue on youtube and they have to act it out?

origami 01

origami 02

origami 03

Walking along to the Seitenkyu Temple today, I passed the Meiji chocolate factory.  Willy Wonka came to mind but I resisted.

Meiji chocolate plate

lantern string

The Japanese have such a skill in doing simple pictures which convey a meaning without words but also to have the necessary impact it needs to … er … trying to think of a better and less pretentious word … impart.   !

punching the air yeah

petite clown shoes

Gaienmae station

cute …

red owls


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