I’d never heard of this place until recently – via the timeout Japan website. I always have a lttle look to check out what I might have missed.  This was a really lovely museum with square proportioned rooms, a feeling of balance and the whole building felt ‘normal’.  Despite it being made of concrete, it has various architectural additions to the outside that give the illusion that it is an old building.  Very clever.  Inside (no photos allowed hence only one) the ground floor was made up of rough diamond-shaped stone.  Beautiful and clean.

Japan Folk Crafts Museum

Japan Folk Crafts Museum 01

Japan Folk Crafts Museum 02

Japan Folk Crafts Museum 03

Japan Folk Crafts Museum 04

Japan Folk Crafts Museum 05

Aizu Tsuruga-jo poster

zoo car

crispy choc

Christmas dresses

graphics Ageo 01

graphics Ageo 02

graphics Ageo 03

graphics Ageo 04

Ageo manhole 01

Ageo manhole 02

Lovely!  Inside Japanese traditional houses is wonderful when there are the tatami mats.  Older houses are huge (with storage above) and smell heavily of woodfire smoke … still … after all these years!  Most interiors are the same.

Japan Open Air Folk House Museum


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