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A LOT of fun!  Zillions of kids and parents.

Ginza building new

bunraku puppet

The Yellow eyed boys by Paul Jacoulet, a Japanophile.  This postcard really intrigued me because it confirmed my strange happening with some Japanese boys I taught at a university a few years ago.  (I’d always thought that Japanese have dark brown eyes.  In fact, the vast majority don’t.  In the light, they are regular brown.)  Once, a guy looked directly at me and it was so intense (nothing sexual just the light!).  His boys were not brown but a kind of amber pierce.  In natural light they would seem brown but I’ve encountered this on a few occasions.  It is the look of the samurai!!!  This postcard captures it perfectly.  The colour is amber and it is a very strange colour!  Hypnotic …

The yellow eyed boys by Paul Jacoulet

Ground Cherries Sudden Shower by Kuniyoshi Utagawa 1842 aka physalis.  My mum used to have quite a relationship with physalis!!  Fruit level, mind …

Ground Cherries Sudden Shower by Kuniyoshi Utagawa 1842

Early European ship by Sumio Kawakami 1939 – interesting interpretation by a Japanese and a little out of date!  Anyway, very nice woodcut.

Early European ship by Sumio Kawakami 1939

Mount Fuji dramatic – whoops, forgot to look at the back of the postcard to see who did it.  Or even ask the museum shop attendant who the artist was.  It’s in Kanji so must be Japanese.

Mount Fuji dramatic

and life goes on … very interesting and very expensive exhibition, considering it was 2 rooms and 1500 yen!  Wolves are stuffed (not very sympathetically) and caught in amazing poses.  I just wondered how they managed to get the wolves in that particular position via rigor mortis.  It is like a photo captured in real life 3D.  About 4 assistants hanging around so absolutely no chance of a sneaky photo and I was too ashamed to do my dumbass routine.  Though I did ‘manage’ to brush into one of the wolves (on purpose) to feel what the fur was like.  Not nice – very brittle and hard.  The Japanese are very fierce if you try to interact with art exhibits.

The other two photos are made with gunpowder – Cai Guo Qiang wanted to use one of the 4 great Chinese inventions – gunpowder, papermaking, printing, compass.  Oh – what would we do without the Chinese today!!!  Not a lot …

Cai Guo Qiang There and Back Again 01

Cai Guo Qiang 02

Cai Guo Qiang 03

Gutai Art Assocation 01 Isobe Yukihisa

Gutai Art Assocation 02

Gutai Art Assocation 03


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